What is etrade.ubc.ae?

etrade.ubc.ae is an electronic trading service offered by Union Brokerage Company (UBC) over the Internet to our valued customers to enable them execute local shares trading transactions, monitor their investment portfolios and view market news and developments.

What commission rate does UBC apply to trading via etrade.ubc.ae?

UBC charges the same commission rate applied to orders executed through its branches network.

When the Market is open, which orders are executed first?

Orders are executed subject to the following priorities:

• Orders more attractively priced will always be executed first.

• Normal conditions will have precedence over special ones.

• First-in first-out (order seniority).

What should I do if my personal RSA Token or Password is stolen from me?

You must notify UBC immediately if a record of your RSA Token and/or Password is lost or stolen or you become aware or suspect that another person knows your RSA Token or Password or has made unauthorised use of the Service.

What is the order validity period?

The customer can select either of the following validity options:

- One trading day: the order is valid for one day only.

- Execute or cancel: the order will either be executed on the spot or cancelled.

What is an offer?

It is an order to sell a specific number of shares of a given company traded on the market.

What is a 'Market Order'?

It is an un-priced order to trade a particular share instantly at best current market price.

What is a bid?

It is an order to buy a specific number of shares of a given company traded on the market.

What happens to the order if my available balance does not cover the bid quantity price?

Prior to acceptance of an entered order, the System will match the order price to the designated current account balance. This measure aims to ensure that the order is fully executable without overdrawing the account. If the balance is insufficient, the System will return a message indicating that the available balance is inadequate to execute the order.

What happens if I do not fix the order validity?

If no order validity is fixed, the System will automatically enter it as a One Trading Day Order.

How much will be the charge to reset my e-trade password?

The password reset fee is 25 Dhs.

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How much will be the charge to issue a new RSA Token if it is lost?

The replacement fee for issuance of a new RSA Token is 250 Dhs.

How can I cancel an order?

Click on the (X) mark beside the order number to view the 'cancellation confirmation screen'.

How can I amend an order?

Click on the? Action? Icon to view and amend order details, then enter you? Password? To authorize the amendment.

Does UBC charge a subscription fee against service provision?

Service provisions are provided by UBC FREE of charges.

Can I fix the execution quantity?

Yes, you can fix the quantity to be executed using a special execution order. The Service supports fixation of special execution in the following manner:

• Full execution ( All or Non): the order quantity must be fully executed without splitting.

• 1st time minimum execution amount: this order enables the user to fix the order minimum quantity to be executed in the first deal. For the remaining quantity, the order becomes a just another normal order.

• Minimum execution amount: the order is executed in equal deals until the entire order quantity is executed.

Are there any restrictions in case of order characteristics alteration?

You cannot amend the company symbol, market or order type (bid/offer). For these cases, you need to cancel the order, enter details again and send it to the market.

What are the UAE local shares trading times?

The trading times are shown in the following table: Day

Trading Session

Sunday - Thursday

Pre-Opening session 09:30Am till 10:00Am Opening session 10:00Am till 02:00Pm

Friday - Saturday

Market Closed

The Market is also closed on national holidays.

Who is eligible to trade in local shares through etrade.ubc.ae?

According to instructions of ESCA, service available to all UAE & Non UAE nationals who maintain an active bank account with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) & active trading account with tied to an trading account with UBC.

What company shares are tradable via etrade.ubc.ae?

Shares of UAE joint stock companies listed on the ADSM & DFM Stock Markets are tradable through the service.

What are the operational requirements of etrade.ubc.ae?

Main operational requirements of etrade.ubc.ae are as follows:

• Maintenance of an active Trading account with UBC

• Maintenance of an active Bank account with ADCB.

•An active investor number at ADX and/or DFM.

How secure is etrade.ubc.ae site for trading purposes?

The site is equipped with state of the art encryption technologies to prevent third party access to your account details through the Internet. When you logon to the Service, the password will be automatically encrypted and nobody will be able to read it. This is in addition to Service specific protection software and constant monitoring by our qualified staff. To further reassure our customers, we enforce a number of hidden verification tools to abort fraud and penetration attempts.

How can I subscribe to etrade.ubc.ae?

You need to fill out the Service Application Form and submit it to your nearest UBC branch. We will communicate necessary details to you by Courier.